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Pre-Order Call Me Perilous #1 by 11/15 and Get Your Copy Signed FOR FREE!!

Enemy Transmission’s resident alien scientist/kung-fu master finally has his own series!! For those of you that were left wanting more of ol’ Perilous from reading Valhalla Cindermane, now’s your chance to dig deeper into what makes Perilous tick! This one has it all – talking gorillas, vampires, riots in the streets, and it can all be yours for a paltry $3.99 plus shipping! To put the cherry on top of this sweet deal, if you pre-order Call Me Perilous #1 by November 15, you will get your copy signed by Perilous creator Michael Kuty for FREE!! The last pre-order deal we had went over like gangbusters! Don’t miss out!!

Pre-Order Valhalla Cindermane #2 by 7/27 and Get Your Copy Signed for FREE!!

You read that right – you can now pre-order the second printing of the wildly-successful Valhalla Cindermane #2 (complete with a brand-new cover by Axel Gimenez) and get your copy signed by Valhalla Cindermane and Perilous creator Michael Kuty for FREE!! The first printing of this milestone issue featuring Valhalla’s origin sold out in a flash and we expect the second printing to do the same! This pre-order offer ends on July 27, so don’t hesitate – grab your copy today!!

The Equation

How can a crippled god, a mad scientist, and a boy who can manipulate numbers end the world as we know it? The answers are in The Equation, Enemy Transmission’s second runaway hit series! The first issue sold out in the blink of an eye – as the second printing is on its way, don’t miss out on the next chapter of this ground-breaking four issue limited-series!

Valhalla Cindermane #2 Has Arrived!

Everyone’s favorite Bad Valkyrie with the battleaxe in the Big Apple, Valhalla Cindermane, is still at it – searching for her lost love and causing massive property damage along the way! Actually, she’s kinda dead right now, but she’s not going to let a little thing like that stop her! This one’s got Valhalla’s origin to boot – and who’s that guy thrashing bikers and asking questions about Val? Hurry on over to the Merchandise page and pick up your signed copy before they’re gone!

Zaldiva Comics, You Rock!

Many thanks to and all the great folks at Zaldiva Comic Books & Collectibles in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida for becoming card-carrying members of the Valhalla Cindermane Street-Team! In exchange for proudly posting the Street-Team flier, an Super-Limited Edition of Valhalla Cindermane #1 that is available only to Street-Team members was sent out to the store! If you would like more info on how you can join this super-cool club, click here to learn more!

The Zombies Are Coming!!

THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!! October 28, Richmond, Virginia will be crawling with zombies! You can join all the finger-ripping, all-you-can-eat fun along with Enemy Transmission and catch a cool zombie movie to boot! Click on the link if you’ve got the guts… and don’t mind sharing them with the zombies!

Valhalla Cindermane Street-Team

Valhalla Cindermane #1 comes out nationwide in October and WE NEED YOU to help spread the word! The Valhalla Cindermane Street Team is open for business and you can become a CHARTER MEMBER of this super-awesome club! It’s free to join and you can win some amazing, limited-edition prizes! For more info, click…  [Read More …]