Valhalla Cindermane Street-Team

Posted by: Davey Anderson on September 28, 2010 @ 12:00 am

Valhalla Cindermane #1 comes out nationwide in October and WE NEED YOU to help spread the word! The Valhalla Cindermane Street Team is open for business and you can become a CHARTER MEMBER of this super-awesome club! It’s free to join and you can win some amazing, limited-edition prizes! For more info, click… Joining the Street-Team is easy! All you have to do to get great exclusive Valhalla Cindermane swag is:

1. Print off the Street-Team graphic and, without breaking any laws, post it in an area near your local comic shop or, even better, give the graphic to your friendly comic shop owner and tell them you want them to carry Valhalla Cindermane! Just snap a picture of your posted graphic or you handing it to the local shop owner (comic shops – you can get this free merch too – simply snap a picture of the graphic proudly displayed in your store!), send it in to us at enemytransmission@yahoo.com complete with your name, store you visited (so we can get them some free publicity too!) and your address, and we’ll post your picture on the website and, here’s the best part…

2. Get EXCLUSIVE VALHALLA CINDERMANE STUFF! What we’re giving to all participating Street-Team members for the first issue Valhalla Cindermane blitz is an EXCLUSIVE EDITION of VALHALLA CINDERMANE #1 signed by Valhalla creator Michael Kuty and sporting an exclusive cover!! This edition won’t be for sale ANYWHERE – the only way you can get this super-exclusive premiere issue is by joining the Street-Team! Did we mention it’s FREE – all you have to do is join up! Don’t hesitate- join the team today!

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