Pre-Order Call Me Perilous #1 by 11/15 and Get Your Copy Signed FOR FREE!!

Posted by: Davey Anderson on September 9, 2012 @ 12:43 am

Enemy Transmission’s resident alien scientist/kung-fu master finally has his own series!! For those of you that were left wanting more of ol’ Perilous from reading Valhalla Cindermane, now’s your chance to dig deeper into what makes Perilous tick! This one has it all – talking gorillas, vampires, riots in the streets, and it can all be yours for a paltry $3.99 plus shipping! To put the cherry on top of this sweet deal, if you pre-order Call Me Perilous #1 by November 15, you will get your copy signed by Perilous creator Michael Kuty for FREE!! The last pre-order deal we had went over like gangbusters! Don’t miss out!!

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