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Enemy Transmission started as the brainchild of two sick, sick individuals – Eric Attio and Mike Kuty. Eric was a streetwise Brooklyn heartbreaker and Mike was a starry-eyed country boy from Virginia.

The two met in 1995 in an acting class in New York City and the world would never be the same. Well, more or less the same, but you get the picture. It didn’t take this duo long to put their heads together and they started coming up with stories, some of which flickered out, but some of them took on a life of their own.

Ever since that time, they began to eye the possibility of creating their own entertainment company. Enemy Transmission is the culmination of their efforts. Actually, it’s just the beginning. Eric and Mike realize that they still have a long way to go and neither of them claims to have reinvented the wheel (although Mike has been working on something in his basement late at night…), but they hope to tell stories that offer people the escapism we all seek when we crack open a book or watch a movie.

So sit back and enjoy – God knows these two yuckleheads and their very talented, very sane artistic friends have had a blast bringing these stories to you!

Enemy Transmission – Get the Message.